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Speed Bumps For Sale…?

If you are searching for speed bumps for sale you might first want to consider the material makeup of the speed bump you’ll be looking for.

There are basically three kinds of speed bumps for sale out there.  And even though they are made from different materials, all three do basically the same thing.  Which is, they slow down traffic.  Speed bumps  are designed to slow traffic down to speeds between zero and fifteen miles per hour.

The three materials used in constructing most if not all speed bumps for sale are: Asphalt, Rubber and Plastic.

Asphalt Speed Bumps – are made from Hot Mix Asphalt.  And according to the Asphalt Paving Alliance, hot mix asphalt “is comprised of a blend of about 5 percent asphalt and 95 percent aggregate (rock, gravel, and sand) by weight. The asphalt is a petroleum product, and the aggregate may be mined from a local quarry or gravel source.  Each of these materials is required to meet certain standards to assure that they will perform their intended functions.”

Rubber Speed Bumps – Are made primarily from crumb rubber obtained from recycling rubber tires.

Plastic Speed Bumps – Are made from recycled plastic materials. Not really sure what plastic they recycle for these,(milk jugs?) but if you know please leave a comment.

As you can tell, rubber and plastic speed bumps would be more “environmentally friendly” than the asphalt one.

And this is only one thing you should consider when you look for speed bumps for sale.

For other considerations when searching for speed bumps for sale, you should keep reading this blog.

Till next time…

Watch out cause there’s always a speed bump ahead!  🙂